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karnis-wong.jpgThe daughter of a retired Real Estate professional, Karnis Wong knew from a young age she would follow in her mother’s footsteps.  The fourth of five daughters from a close-knit family, growing up to be a strong, compassionate and professional woman was the rule, not the exception.   As Director at R7, Karnis plays an instrumental role in all areas of management ranging from operational to financial.  Karnis’ leadership is integral in ensuring that all assignments are carried out in accordance with the clients’ objectives.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Karnis remembers her mother telling her children real estate was the safest place to invest money with the least amount of risk for those willing to be patient. Her parents understood in order to provide for their five daughters, they would have to engage long-term planning and plenty of patience with their investments. That patience was rewarded many times over throughout the years despite economic ups and downs; the Wong girls always had clothes to wear, food on the table and good educations.  By the time young Karnis graduated from college, she had chosen to pursue Real Estate Management because not only did it provide long-range stability, but also day-to-day challenges not found in other businesses.

Karnis says when you look past the surface Real Estate has far more facets than generally seen by the public, with Management being the most diverse and interesting in her opinion.  She enjoys Real Estate management because she is able to take a “hands-on” approach in all areas of the business.  She describes hers as a job where each day brings new challenges and the opportunity to create and build better practices to enhance value for her clients.

Despite these tumultuous times in Real Estate, Karnis feels confident the industry will continue to expand, and R7 will be there to help guide its clients to new and more profitable ways of conducting business.  Third party management “the R7 way” is making this necessity an affordable luxury.  Karnis says she is particularly interested in servicing the “Mid-level” clients because the success of mid-level businesses is crucial to protecting and growing the Industry.

The recession has forced businesses to look for new ways to serve clients more effectively, and nowhere is that more apparent than in third party management.  Developing creative solutions to help tenants get through the economic downturn not only keeps buildings occupied, but also generates community support and loyalty.  Karnis says the “silver lining” to the recession is it inspired R7 to forge partnerships with clients rather than simply contract for services.  

To stay healthy and take a break from her high-energy career, Karnis practices yoga, swims and snowboards.  “Living Green” is important to Karnis and her husband, who enjoy working together on home improvement projects that help to reduce their carbon footprint, while re-training themselves to live more sustainably.  Karnis, her husband Alexander Wu, and two young sons Conrad and Quentin share their home with a Morkie named Boone. In her free time, Karnis enjoys baking, watching movies with her husband, and entertaining her sons with silly songs and stories.


  • CB Richard Ellis, Los Angeles and Greater Bay area, CA
    Senior Real Estate Manager
  • Real Estate Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Real Estate Services Coordinator


  • California State University of Pomona
    Bachelor of Arts, Behavioral Science
    Minor in Communications


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